Post Stroke Therapy To Restore Quality of Life

Post stroke therapy is an important part of the treatment of diseases obtained by stroke sufferers. Exercises carried out in post-stroke therapy can help them carry out their daily routine independently, and help maintain brain function that can still be maintained. Stroke is a serious condition that occurs when blood vessels in the brain rupture or blood flow to parts of the brain is blocked by blood clots. People who have had a stroke often experience a decrease in brain function, which can be a disturbance in speaking, remembering, moving, and so forth. Restoring the body's abilities after a stroke is a long process that requires patience, hard work, and commitment. When should you start post-stroke therapy? The right time to start therapy immediately after stroke is 24-48 hours after the attack, provided the condition of the sufferer is stable. During this period, the health care provider will help patients in post-stroke therapy move in bed. Its function is to strengthen
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